It is fashion to tune up your car again!

Machine at work on the farming field

It is definitely fashion to tune up your vehicles again. This time it is trendy to tune up the added services for your corporate fleets, and why not also to your personal cars.

Our installation solution is the core of our services

We have a unique way of installing different devices, e.g. self-driving equipment into your vehicles.

Entirely autonomous cars that don’t need steering wheels on public roads won't be yet here, but there are lots of intermediate applications before that. Before we enter the public roads, we have plenty of other areas in which we can implement the self-driving solutions. Agricultural vehicles have been relying on satellite-based systems such as GPS, but with that technology there is an accuracy issue: the paths are known only within a few metres and even larger errors may occur. This produces significant waste.

While we are waiting for the ultimate self-driving solutions embedded in our vehicles, we have a way to install different devices that are being developed and helping to build a tailored self-driving solution: 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, steering assistance, GPS, radars, and stereo or even 3D cameras.

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