At CarApt we are specialised on solutions adapting self-driving possibility or gps related functions into your vehicles. Compatible vehicles include small cars, vans, pick-ups, 5-tons, and also heavy-duty vehicles.

It may be several years or tens of years before artificial intelligence takes over the operation of your own personal vehicle, but it is predicted some vehicles will be driving on their own controlled areas in cities in the next year or two.

How to Get To The Future of Traffic

If we look slightly backwards in time, until to the industrial revolution, we can realise that we have made relationally huge steps during the last few years. Many are eager to step faster and faster forward but some things need also testing. Solutions that enable self-driving for different types of vehicles can be first advanced on areas that are somehow restricted, e.g. on the private roads or on the farming fields.

Self-driving vehicles not only autonomously steer, accelerate, and brake in highway conditions but there are also avoidance of vehicle crashes and thus they reduce the impact of imminent collisions. We have already seen how passenger vehicles driving can park themselves in extremely tight spots.